IL DOLCE CONFORTO recorded its second CD in the Abbazia di Rosazzo (Friuli) with Romina Basso (mezzo soprano) as soloist. It is supported by Österreichischer Musikfonds and will be published under Christophorus Label in spring 2018.

Ö1 Pasticcio Prize and BR CD-Tipp
for „Sacred Salterio”- Debut CD of IL DOLCE CONFORTO

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BR CD-Tipp „Diese CD ist ein Ereignis: rar und schön!”

Research stay in Naples & LinzEXPORT
2017/18 I will look intensely for notices on salterio practice in Naples! I am grateful to be supported by LinzEXPORT for this work

Third year of doctorate studies - at Leiden University

on the playing techniques of the Italian 18th century salterio under fabulous supervisors, such as Frans de Ruiters, Ton Koopman, Teresa Chirico, Dinko Fabris and Rudi Lutz.

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