The adventure of restoration

Suddenly after having bought the salterio, I had to decide some crucial questions about the restoration process: How should I let it restore? And most of all: by whom? Should I give it to the hand of an instrument builder, specialist for making sound a piece of wood? Or should I give it to a restorer, experienced with early instruments but never with the aim of making them sound again?
I have decided for the latter! And it was a good decision!
I finally trusted in the skills of Massimo Monti, Roman specialist for early Italian harps and salteri and I was very grateful for his courage to do it!
One year later, in Spring 2015, it was done: I could hear and feel for the first time the sound and the resonance of this unique salterio – it was finally clear that this acquistion was a spectacular one!
I definitely can not describe in words how I felt when playing my salterio from 1725 for the first time! THANK YOU, MASSIMO!!!