Dolce Conforto

„Il Dolce Conforto“ translates as „The soft comforter“ and originates from a poem by the Salterio virtuoso Giovanni Battista Dall´Olio, who, poeticallly, describes the Salterio with its magical sound as a „soft comforter of aristoctratic ears“.
Franziska Fleischanderl is one of the few players of this now rare instrument. She performs with an original Salterio, built in Rome in 1725 by Michele Barbi. During the course of her PhD at University Leiden Franziska has researched the various playing techniques of the 18th century Italian Salterio in the pursuit of resurrecting this instrument into today’s world of music.
For this purpose she founded the ensemble IL DOLCE CONFORTO in 2016. A collective of internationally acclaimed baroque musicians supports her in bringing original historic Salterio music back to life.
The ensemble’s official debut concert took place in June 2017 at the International Baroque Days in Melk Abbey (Austria) and further concerts were held at the Ancient Music Festival in Basel (Switzerland), and other festivals in Italy and Portugal.
Their internationally reviewed debut CD “Sacred Salterio” was released in Spring 2017 under the Christophorus label, and was premiered with the “Pasticcio-Price” of Ö1.



Marie Lys, Miriam Feuersinger – soprano
Johanna Bartz, 
Natalia Herden – transverse flute
Deniel Perer – organ/harpsichord
Lukas Henning – lute

Carla Rovirosa – violoncello
Franziska Fleischanderl – salterio/direction