“Salterio italiano” was featured in the daily programm “Des Cis” in Austrian’s Culture Radio Ö1. The journalist Irene Suchy made a lovely review of our newest release and awarded “Salterio italiano” with the “Des Cis CD of the week”. Thank you!


“Salterio italiano” is the “CD of the week” on BR-KLASSIK.
THANKS to Dirk Kruse for his fabulous CD review. Here the final extract: “…Beseelte, wunderschöne Musik in ganz neuen Klangfarben. “Salterio italiano” ist ein Must-have für Freunde der Alten Musik.”
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It’s released! The first recording of original salterio music, played with both playing-techniques pizzicato and battuto in equal measure. I am not exaggerating when telling you, that this is a new chapter of salterio performance, as it sheds completely new light on the sound possibilities of the Italian 18th century salterio!
I am incredibly grateful to…
… my fellow musicians Romina Basso (mezzo soprano), Deniel Perer (harpsichord/organ), Nicola Paoli (violoncello) & Manuel Tomadin (organ)
… Tritonus Musikproduktion & Markus Heiland (sound engineering)
… label Christophorus (CHR 77426)
… Thomas Radlwimmer for fotos and the video!Cover "Salterio italiano" CHR-77426


… is the best way to present the salterio and its many sound colors (with pizzicato and battuto) to the interested public. In this salterio-solo-concert I also talk about the instrument and my research between the pieces. It is the fourth concert program of “Il Dolce Conforto”, which I premiered at the “Musikfest Eichstätt” (Germany) in May 2018. It was a great pleasure to play for the first time in the just perfect room for my salterio, the “Spiegelsaal” built in the rococo!
I attach one picture of the concert and the fabulous critic of Katrin Poese.