Salterio italiano is coming!


IL DOLCE CONFORTO releases its new CD in June 2018! On this CD, original Italian salterio music was recorded for the first time on an original instrument using both playing techniques in equal measure, moreover while played upon using the first faithful replicas of Italian salterio mallets worldwide. Support us by pre-ordering a CD!


Musikfest Eichstätt

I am looking forward to give a solo concert in this festival, playing in the wonderful Spiegelsaal of the Residenz Eichstätt. The perfect place for my salterio, I would say! Lukas Henning will support me – watch the introducing video to get an idea
Salterio-Video me:mo


Lamentazione by Domenico Merola

This wonderful composition by Domenico Merola ( died 1771) – released on our first CD “Sacred Salterio” – was lately published also on Youtube. Within one week it reached already so many listeners & likers and we’re very relieved to finally revive his beautiful music! As happened to many other good composers of that time, Merola is unknown today, as most of his music is lost.
Video Salterio-Cantata Merola


Research stay in Naples & LinzEXPORT

Since several months I continue my doctoral research on salterio practice in Naples and I am finding interesting testimonies and wonderful music! My gratitude goes to the financial support of LinzEXPORT!


Third year of doctorate studies – at Leiden University

on the playing techniques of the Italian 18th century salterio under fabulous supervisors, such as Frans de Ruiters, Ton Koopman, Teresa Chirico, Dinko Fabris and Rudi Lutz.