The 18th century Italian salterio1138-LOT224D
History, repertoire, playing techniques

PhD trajectory at Leiden University

Supervisors: Ton Koopman, Teresa Chirico, Dinko Fabris


The core of my doctorate project is the theoretic and artistic inquiry of various playing techniques of the Italian 18th century salterio. Considering contemporary sources and the original repertoire, it becomes evident that two different techniques were applied on the salterio: the battuto technique with sticks and the pizzicato technique with fingers or finger rings and plectra. My main task as artistic researcher is the technical and musical re-discovery of two diverse salterio pizzicato techniques and their impact on the repertoire compared to the battuto technique.
Furthermore my thesis will discuss profoundly all Italian sources about the instrument to shed light on its history and usage. It will list all Italian salterio repertoire, its players, its surviving original instruments and researches about different salterio-tuning-systems and their practical application.


Salterio practice at the Collegio San Francesco Saverio in Bologna (2018)
in: Dramma scolastico ed oratorio nell´età barocca, a cura di Niccolò Maccavino, Reggio Calabria, editione del Concervatorio F. Cilea, in corso di pubblicazione