Salterio practice at the Collegio Dei Nobili San Francesco Saverio in Bologna

This article was the result of my first field studies on the Italian salterio of the 18th century. It was the most intriguing and fascinating research I have done so far! Reading the account-books of the young aristocratic students I discovered, that salterio practice was widespread already in the first years of the century. Further I found out that they used to play with hammers in that time. This was a quite revolutionary new information, as we thought the Italian salterio to be a mainly plucked string instrument. Enjoy reading it!

Fleischanderl, Franziska. “Salterio Practice at the Collegio Dei Nobili San Francesco Saverio in Bologna.” In Dramma Scolastico Ed Oratorio Nell’età Barocca. Atti Del Convegno Internazionale Di Studi (Reggio Calabria, 5-6 Ottobre 2012), edited by Nicolò Maccavino. Reggio Calabria: Edizioni del Conservatorio “F. Cilea,” 2019.