Salterio Italiano

Pietro FranceschiSALTERIO ITALIANO gives an overview of the gallant salterio repertoire from northern to southern Italy. IL DOLCE CONFORTO presents in this programme unedited sacred and secular music from Venice, Bologna, Rome and Naples on original instruments.

In Venice, for instance, the salterio was regularly played by the fanciulle of the famous Ospedale della Pietà. My latest researches revealed that also in Bologna, throughout the entire 18th century, the salterio was taught to a huge number of young aristocrats, who studied at the Collegio dei Nobili San Francesco Saverio. Giovanni Battista (Padre) Martini left a motet for salterio obligato. We are proud to present the most skilled and famous salterio virtuoso and teacher Florido Ubaldi from Rome, whos only surviving salterio sonata is also part of the programme.  In southern Italy, especially around Naples and in Apulia, it is documented that aristocratic nuns commissioned highly challenging passion music for singer, salterio obligato and continuo by accomplished opera composers of the time. One cantata by Girolamo Rossi, which sets the same text to music as the motet by Martini, is finishing the concert.

The main point of this program, in terms of interpretation, is the usage of both pizzicato and battuto technique on the salterio, which results in a tonal metamorphose of the instrument. The pizzicato salterio offers a very different sound world compared to the battuto salterio. The technique applied derives from historic sources or unmistakeable indications in the scores.

IL DOLCE CONFORTO also presents the interesting combination of harpsichord and salterio in this program. The different, but in tone production similar instruments are merged as obligato and continuo instruments.

Line up:
Mezzo soprano, Salterio, Violoncello, Harpsichord, Organ

Listen to this programme on our CD “Salterio Italiano”