to the discovery of the Italian salterio of the 18th century!


“Franziska schenkt mit ihrer Kunst eine Musik, in der die Gedanken freien Lauf haben dürfen. Sie werden sich nirgends stoßen an etwas Hartem. Alles fließt.” Ulrich Meinhard, Göttinger Tageblatt, 28th May 2019, Internationale Händel-Festspiele
“Few musicians do what Franziska Fleischanderl does. She plays, with beguiling expertise, the silvery-sounding salterio (or psaltery) and is equally adept at both the plucking and hammer techniques used in 18th-century Italy”. The Sunday Times, 5th August 2018, on Salterio italiano
“Ensouled, beautiful music in completely new sound colors. A must-have for lovers of Early Music”. Dirk Kruse (BR), 2018, on Salterio italiano